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Webcam sex with strangers adult Hello all and thank you James for introducing me to this blog and esp this post on trial and other methodology. Ive been reading the Carlat Report in hard copy for several yrs now but am new to blogging so pls enjoy my first attemptEXCLUSION CRITERIADr. Carlat makes an excellent point about the exclusion of many people who attempt to take part in efficacy trials. Its unfortunate that the more highly experimental i.e. scientific a trial is the less generalizable it is. Less scientific trials such as retrospective analyses and quasiexperimental studies openlabel andor not randomized etc. generalize more easily to realworld patients but lack the rigor required to demonstrate efficacy. Trials such as STARD with its equipoise design and few exclusion criteria attempt to bridge the gap.The Code of Federal Regulations requires only that patients recruited for a study be properly diagnosed for the medical condition being studied there is no requirement or recommendation for exclusionary factors 21 C.F.R. 314.126. In fact exclusion criteria may fail their goal of optimizing drugplacebo differences.Some criteria may be judged more useful or ethically important than others. For example psychotically depressed or suicidal patients should not be treate

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